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Organic MED BIO CBD Chewing Gum, 150mg CBD 15mg CBD per gum, 10pcs – Mint –
MED BIO CBD Chewing Gum contains:

Chicle gum from the rainforest, Xylitol from birch trees, wild peppermint and mint, sunflower lecithin from

sunflower seeds and Hemp oil.

*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp plant


MED BIO  CBD Chewing Gum: Pure and Natural

Although chewing gums are a good way to use CBD and get rapid absorption into the blood stream, most

chewing gums contain a whole lot of artificial ingredients. They’re also bad for the environment, since old

chewing gum doesn’t biodegrade. But MBC chewing gum is different.

· No sugar

· No plastic

· No preservatives

· No chemicals

· Fully biodegradable

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Chew the gum (about 20 minutes).

Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes before chewing the MED BIO CBD gum, or while chewing a piece

Shelf life

1 years.